Time: 4 weeks Feb. 17, 24, March 3, 10 2022 (maximum 3 hours per week)
13:40- 16:40 (VST), 15:40 – 18:40 (JST)

Language: English

Number of students: 4 - 6 from VNUA, 5 - 10 from Kyushu University

Title: Agriculture and rural development in Asia = Planning for international cooperation project =

Learning outcomes:
This online class aim to teach critical skills for the plan and management of the project. Through the class the students are expected to be brushed up their potential for plan/management of the project. Especially, the learning knowledge of the class will be beneficial for the students who want to join/manage some international cooperation project.

1. Learn about technique for the planning and management of the project.
2. Brush up presentation skill in English.
3. Work collaboratively in an international team.

Class overview:
Main components of this class are group presentation with 5-6 team members. In the opening class the teacher will lecture about the critical technique for the planning of the project. By following this technique, the students will prepare the presentation for the following topics.

1. Problem in your university
2. Introduction of hot issue related to agriculture or environment in the world
3. Plan for international cooperation project

The presentation for 1st topics will be prepared by domestic teams (Vietnamese group and Japanese group, International student group). And the presentation for 2nd and 3rd topics will be prepared 3 mixed team. Zoom will be used for the conduction of the class and communication plat form will be used for daily communication among the students. Whole contents of this class will be shared the communication plat form.